Campus Bet

Google is planning a campus.

So did Atari (whereupon they tanked). So did Sun (twice, ditto). So did Apple, 3Com, SGI . . . all of these folks and more built corporate campuses in Silly Valley and then God slammed them down for the sin of pride. Or something like that.

Maybe when companies reach the stage where they say, “We should have a campus,” they already have problems, and that building the ediface only magnifies them. Maybe the campus defocuses people from necessary work. Maybe growth is just hard. Maybe it’s divine retribution. I really don’t know.

Anyway . . . sell Google short?

On not thinking ahead

New parenting mistake #56: Digging a semantic hole.

I’m singing a classic children’s song, and get a little carried away.

Me: “There was an old lady who swallowed a . . um, duck!”

Wife: “No!”

Me: “Um, what terrible . . . luck, to swallow a duck.”

Wife: (looks expectant and miffed, if that’s possible)

Me: “(hem) I guess it’ll . . . cluck. [boy, that’s lame, sorry]. She swallowed the duck to catch the…”

Books again

Quickie, books read –

C++ Common Knowledge (Dewhurst). Good C++ bathroom reading; short chapters of C++ nuggets. [Do what you like with the “bathroom” association].

Forty Signs of Rain (Kim Stanley Robinson). Well-written “political” SF about climate change. Don’t let the politics part scare you, this is pretty good stuff. (And my Dad used to work in that NSF building in Washington).

Woken Furies (Richard Morgan). If you read (and liked) Altered Carbon and Broken Angles, you’ll like this even more.

Burn Unit (Barbara Ravage). Medical essay about the history and modern treatment of burns. Slightly graphic, well written.

Starwater Strains (Gene Wolfe). Another wonderful collection of Gene Wolfe short stories (I still occasionally re-read stuff from The Death of Doctor Island and Other Stories and Other Stories [not a typo!]).