Books on Nuclear Reactors

Some good books on nuclear reactors (some of these are out of print):

V.M. Chernousenko, Chernobyl: Insights from the Inside. A very good (if not well organized) description of the Chernobyl accident.

Paul R. Josephson, Red Atom. History of the Soviet atomic energy program.

Kenneth Lish, Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Equipment. Chapter 3 is all about the type of reactor that’s currently going pear-shaped in Japan; there are other chapters on seismic safety and emergency cooling that are also apropos.

Richard Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Highly recommended summary of (ahem) applied nuclear technology; really a great read, with a lot of good background material on the physics.

New books this year

I mentioned earlier that Vernor Vinge has a new book out in October. Here are a few more:

Robert Charles Wilson’s _Vortex_ (July). I really liked _Spin_, and _Axis_ hopefully suffered from an “unsatisfying book in the middle” effect (though it was still pretty good).

Charles Stross’ _Rule 34_ (July).

Steven Gould’s _7th Sigma_ (July). If you haven’t read _Jumper_ or _Wildside_, go do that.

Neal Stephenon’s _Readme_ (September). I really liked _Zodiac_, _Snow Crash_ and _The Diamond Age_, but didn’t get through his bug-crushing System of the World trilogy. I’d like to see another _Anathem_, but I’d be happy if it was as good as _The Cobweb_.

Jay Lake’s _Endurance (Nov). Follow-on to the quite excellent fantasy _Green_.

I’m sure there’s more. And to think that in January I was saying, “Man, it’s going to be another dry year for books.”