that sucking feeling

“You could log out and log back in to fix that.”

“Um, I don’t want to. Because IT will re-run all their, their . . .”


“All that virus checking, group policy bullshit, app scanning . . . it’s not malware, it’s more like, like . . . loatheware.”

“Five minutes of pegging the CPU on your laptop. You’re on your knees, begging helpdesk to let you start the presentation while your battery meter dips down, down –”

“The virus checker that turns builds into glacial hour-long dances with the devil, locking a critical output file at the last minute and torching the entire build . . .”

“The app scanner that thinks Emacs is a virus.”

“Well, it is.”

“You’ve got a point.”


“It’s everywhere.”

Today . . .

Today I learned about HellBanning. Similar to Disemvowelment, but more crafty.

I finished the single player mode of Portal 2. I enjoyed the first Portal, but didn’t finish it because the game play got really twitchy toward the end. I thoroughly enjoyed Portal 2; the game play was great (a /little/ twitch, but mostly puzzles), the plot was good, the voice acting was excellent and very entertaining, and the boss ending was not too bad. (Sorry I ignored your party invite, Statcher, I was busy).

It’s the second really nice day in a row in the Seattle area, and I’m getting outside now.

Random gorp

Internals of the LZW and LZ77 and GZIP file formats. I had a rough idea of how this worked, but this is a really good nuts and bolts description.

Grahams Number is so large you can’t even come close to representing it in expoential notation, even if you use every single nook and cranny of the universe available to write the value down. But we know the decimal digits it ends with . . .