Dear Newspapers

Dear Newspapers with your “ten articles a month and then we’ll shut you off unless you pay us” model:

I have no idea why you think that’s going to work, or why you think I’d give money to you over a dozen different papers all over the world just like you in order to read a random link. You might as well have a hard paywall.

(We /do/ pay for one newspaper access, our local Seattle Times, because, well, it’s local).

They need to band together and make a pool of readers and a single login; this one-off subscription thing is never going to work for them. Maybe this exists?

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

I’m pleasantly surprised. After the train-wreck that was Assassin’s Creed III (and I heard that AC Brotherhood was about as much fun as a sucking chest wound), about two hours into the fourth one (pirates!) I’m happy to say that the fourth iteration doesn’t suck.

AC I – Okay, but grindy and mostly the same after the first few hours.

AC II – I played the hell out of this.

AC Brotherhood – Stay away.

AC III – I wish I had never played it.

AC IV, Black Flag – Looks promising. The controls are a bit sensitive — I find myself leaping onto crates and climbing walls when I want to stealth — but on the whole it’s fun.