Happy 50th Birthday, Atari

I just have to say that it’s very strange to see people wearing T-shirts with Atari logos. I see at least one person every day on the Microsoft campus wearing one.

Man, if only I had a time machine:

  • Give Howard Warshaw more ROM and four more weeks to finish E.T.
  • Likewise, 2600 Flickerman.
  • Fire half of Marketing. Doesn’t matter which half.
  • “Self-centering joysticks on the 5200, you numbskulls. Self. Centering. Are we clear? Good.”
  • JFC give the Atari 400/800 a real I/O bus now, okay?

I’m sure there’s more. Haven’t even talked about 68000-based machines yet.

Hello again

Yeah, well. It’s been almost a year. I don’t promise regular posts, or any posts at all, really.

If you found this at all, it’s a wonder.

I moved this site to some cheaper hosting, so many of the links from the outside are probably busted. Hey, you get to wade through my nonsense again. The missing images, the broken links . . . text is still the most stable thing we have on the Internet. I hear they’re working on that problem.

When I started this blog maybe 20 years ago, blogs were the thing to do. Much of my writing was driven by frustration and dissatisfaction with the state of the world. Mostly I don’t have that stuff on my back now, or I don’t have the time to write much. There are side-projects I’d like to finish, there’s the yard, there’s The Teenager we’re trying to raise (or at least, get off the couch). Entropy never sleeps.

So I don’t know where the heck this blog is going. Probably nowhere, if the pace of postings keeps up at the rate of once a year.