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I’ve returned to the Xbox group at Microsoft, and am working on controller back-compat for the Atari 800.

The workstation you get when IT doesn’t have your credentials quite ready.

(Deep thanks to my friend and cow-orker Stan for doing a bunch of hard work resurrecting an Atari 800. You could hear my howls of laughter clear down the hallway when I discovered this sweet setup in my office this morning).

And yes, of course there was a Star Raiders cartridge.

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My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

3 thoughts on “Back to Xbox”

  1. With a fujinet and an 80-col card an 800 could be a decent programming setup. The keyboard is better than anything you get on a PC or Apple these days.

  2. No Donkey Kong cart? For shame!

    (Also, extra points if someone had an Atari ST with MadMac set up so you could write some sweet 6502 and cross assemble it)

  3. Dad Hacker lives – hurrah! (and as a sometime user of an Atari 400 over 40 years ago, I can still taste the envy for an 800)

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