Hello from beyond fyyff

“Wow.  What happened there?”

Don’t panic.  Everything is under control. 

I’ve had the FYYFF.COM domain for about eight years.  A few people know the history of that domain.  The problem is I have to explain the history to those that don’t know it, and it’s embarrassing.  Mom-wise embarrassing.  Techy-nerd in-joke embarrassing.

So DadHacker is a much better place to hold things like discussions about families, video games and other wholesome stuff.  Expect ranting of a caring, nurturing quality.  [Stop snickering].

I tried to go the MovableType 3.0 route in addition to moving house, but the move / upgrade process kept bombing (okay, fine, I write operating systems and stuff for a living, but when I’m at home I don’t really have the time or inclination flail around with SQL logins and Perl versions and search paths and so forth, it’s a pain in the expletive and I have better things to do.  Like wake toddlers up.  And put them to sleep.  And wake them up.  And…).  So far I like WordPress; it basically just worked.

Also, the amount of spam to fyyff has become simply unbelievable (thousands of messages a day in bounces, from time to time).

It is time to pack up and move.  Hi there.

Email to me remains the same, though I will probably decide otherwise and let the select few of you know.  Spammers can, of course, (unprintable unprintable unprintable) in their buttocks.

[Yeah, and the default WordPress template simply has to go…]