Feinstein wants to ban crypto again

Senator Dianne Feinstein is introducing a bill that attempts to ban the use of strong cryptography in the US. Link.

She supported crypto bans in the 1990s. I was a constituent of hers then, wrote her with my concerns, and her canned reply was a basic “FU, we need balance, blah blah.”

Now she’s at it again.

Q: Feinstein is a lying and puppeted sack of crap, one of the worst things to happen to civil liberties since J Edgar Hoover, and can’t leave office soon enough. Discuss.

Oh yeah, call your senator. Do that.

Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.

4 thoughts on “Feinstein wants to ban crypto again”

  1. Is she happy to transfer credit-card and bank-data practically in clear-text? What “encryption” would be allowable? ROT-13, better ROT-26?

    I guess if this went through, SSL encryption would have to go away. No more online commerce and banks would have to start transferring _data_ in locked boxes again?

  2. What if my senator _is_ DiFi? (or her shadow, Boxer?) Just screwed, I guess.

    But if she and her hubby succeed in making education pretty much out of reach for most folks, there won’t be so much discussion.

  3. Feinstein is my senator. Wrote her multiple times about her unacceptable positions on crypto. Never anything but a canned reply. Definitely a tool of the spook community. Soooo needs to retire.

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