More DRM Doom

It’s going to be difficult to find a non-biased report on what happened at the Commerce Department’s digital rights management round-table last week. Here’s a report that’s fairly balanced.

I’ll tell you why I don’t think much of Stallman another time. (The MPAA and its ilk are no better).

Here’s a good touchstone for the true agenda of a DRM system: How does it obey the law? Current copyright lasts 70 years past the death of the author, after which you can presumably FTP, photocopy, tape or broadcast to your heart’s delight (here is more exact info on that). How does an automated DRM system know when to unseal the content that it is guarding?

It’s a rhetorical question: Current DRM systems can’t. The entire DRM infrastructure is geared towards sealing up information and never letting it go.

’nuff said, I think. The prosecution rests.

Author: landon

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