Spam 20 years from now

Future #1

“Oh my God, I just got some spam!”

“Jeez, this has been a bad month. That’s like, four so far?”


“Still pretty bad.”

“Let’s see if . . . yes, the Visa cops have already arrested him, see the video?”

“Wow, is that guy in trouble. Look, they’re de-chipping him. I know he’s a bastard, but that is pretty severe.”

“My grandpa says that he was getting thousands of spams a day, once.”


Future #2

SCENE: A cold, rainy night in some gritty big-city downtown. The SWAT team is preparing in their van.

CAPTAIN: “Remember, MasterCard is interested in results here. The people with keyboards and voice input are to be taken out first. Higgs, you neutralize the servers. Boson, I want you to nail that router, understood?”

ALL: “Yessir!”

Future #3

“Remember e-mail?”


Author: landon

My mom thinks I'm in high tech.