The Force Awakens [spoiler-free]

A friend of mine remarks, “Worth waiting 32 years for.” Shame we had to wait that long for the 4th movie, though.

Ultimately they’ll make more money by having done a good movie than by selling plushies of things, or cups for sugar water. Lucas should have tossed the marketeers responsible for Return of the Jedi (and the subsequent Ewok merchandise) out on their ears.

[What’s that? Other movies? Oh, back in the day there might have been some hacks filming crap overseas, where copyright laws are loosely enforced — junk films like Star Crash and Battle Beyond the Stars are inevitable when someone is making a buck, I’m afraid:

“It’ll be just like Star Wars.”

“Okay. Who are the actors?”

“Nobody you’ve heard of. Don’t worry, they’re cheap and generic enough that we can just repurpose those action figures from your last film.”

“What about the merch?”

“We took a tour of the sweatshops and found a bunch of stale garbage just lying there in warehouses. Tons of it. I’m sure they can make more.”

“Okay, tell the writers to add a bunch of screen-time for that plushie with the floppy ears.”

“Won’t the fans be upset?”

“Who gives a shit? They can buy the cups just like everyone else.”]

I’m happy to report that The Force Awakens is a quality act.


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