Yeah, pretty much done with GoDaddy

While I’m sure y’all are nice folks at GoDaddy, I think you get what you pay for in this industry. And I’m willing to pay a little more to get better service. Like, a web server infrastructure that doesn’t randomly throw 403 errors (sometimes for days). And something that won’t utterly collapse if I get noticed by HN or Reddit. (Collapsing is understandable, but I expect the hosting system to at least put up a good fight).

So I’m shopping around for a better provider. I don’t need much: WordPress (maybe), and shell access. And a reasonable expectation that the company will be around some years hence. That’s about it.

Any recommendations?

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14 thoughts on “Yeah, pretty much done with GoDaddy”

  1. I’ve been using Site 5’s unmanaged VPS servers for years never had an issue with their and their support has always been very responsive. I also like the fact I can scale the VPS up or down depending on what I need.

  2. I’ve been with DreamHost for over a decade and am glad to recommend them. I recently started using their managed WordPress service, DreamPress, and that easily held up to some short-term traffic pounding.

  3. If you don’t mind splitting things up, I use Squarespace for any web content that has to stay up + a wonderful CMS, then Dreamhost for other stuff where I need a shell and anything weird.

  4. Why not an AWS instance? Pretty sure you still get a micro-instance for free. If you need more power, it’s cheap.

  5. Digital Ocean for the server, and google for domain registration. Digital Ocean servers can be temporarily upgraded to have more memory, and faster network access, so you can run on a cheap server, and upgrade for a hot post.

  6. I’ll throw another recommendation to Dreamhost. I used them for years and loved them, although I definitely never had to worry about the hug of death from Reddit. I only got rid of them after getting tired of explaining what the charge was to my wife. I just host my shit on a Raspberry PI at the house now.

    1. Chris: You may need to re-examine your choice of wife. 🙂 My first “paid for” hosting was at GoDaddy, but moved to Dreamhost many years back. My wife doesn’t question the bill because I suspect her WordPress blog gets way more traffic than my random collection of old pages from the days that Mosaic and Lynx were all you needed to cater to. Also, I assume you don’t have ComCrap, as running a “Server” (pretty loosely defined) at home is against their TOS.

      Anyway, nice to see the Dreamhost love, and clearly Landon’s readers are all classy enough to avoid mentioning the referral bonus.

      Note to Landon: if my experience is anything to go by, GoDaddy will continue to contact you about their “service” (e.g. “The credit card we have on file for you has expired, so your account has been suspended”) for over five years after _you_ think you have left them.

  7. I’ll second the DigitalOcean recommendation. Been using them after moving from Linode a few years ago. Excellent service, hardware, customer support, pricing, etc… I even also switched to Google for my domain registration as well 🙂

  8. It may be more work than you want to do, but I’ve had good luck with a Linux VPS from Linode. I mostly use it as an always-on workstation but it hosts my static site just fine as well.

  9. I will also recommend Dreamhost. I have been using them for many years and have never had a problem. Their people are great, and semi-funny too.

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